Winter Idea’s for you Kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the most warmest rooms in the house and we all know why, due to cooking, but you still need an effective heating system for the cold winter months to make it that extra bit cosier. With hard, cold floors and chilly external walls you want to make the space comforting. We want to take you on a guide through the different heating options and ways to make your space feel toasty and inviting in the winter months.

Let the sun shine through

The sun is a great way to add warmth to the kitchen space, it is natural and makes us happy. If a kitchen lacks natural light it will not benefit the sun’s warmth, so introducing a roof light, internal windows or external double-glazed doors will bring the warm rays into your hub of the home.

Warm the floor with underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular feature in the home today. It is the most efficient way to heat up a room and of course the floor. It warms the entire area from ground up that allows the warm air to rise gradually. There is nothing better than placing your toes on a warm cosy floor. Underfloor heating will take the chill off your cold floor and it also reduces the amount of radiators you will need in your kitchen area. Wall space is also freed up and a more minimalistic approach is conquered. Underfloor heating offers lots of advantages, with being invisible and a definite plus in smaller kitchens.

Allow a range cooker to offer heat into the room

An AGA looks amazing in a kitchen and is a constant source of heat. You need to research these fully before purchasing one as they are an expensive item and can have an impact on your home and cooking. Many AGA owners swear by them and couldn’t imagine life without one. They certainly will help to warm up a cold kitchen during the winter months and will fit into your design, as they come in many different sizes, colours and styles.