Why Choose a Granite Worktop

River White Granite

Nothing quite compares to the cool feel of a granite worktop. Made from compressed molten rock found underneath the surface of the Earth, granite had admirable qualities in that it’s really hard and extremely durable. Although it may not be as cheap as other materials, there are reasons to go for it over the others.

  1. It is a natural product

Designing or building using natural materials is the preferred method of some homeowners. Be it a remodel of a kitchen or the building of an entirely new one, what better way to evoke a natural feel than by using granite? Formed from cooled magma, granite is found in many places around the world and each stone offers a slightly different structure and texture depending on what region they came from.

  1. It comes in different colours

Being a natural material, granite comes in various colours and characteristics. In short, those interested in using this material for their kitchen will have lots of options to pick from. This helps greatly in choosing a design that would match the theme of the kitchen.

Here at Seven Seas, you’ll find a range of patterns and colours of granite. As a granite fabricator, we encourage customers to take a look at the material before we begin cutting. This is one way to guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the material in its final form.

  1. It lasts long

While highly durable, granite is not unbreakable. Put simply, it can be damaged by negligence. As with any other material, it needs to be taken care of but its advantage is that it doesn’t require that high amount of maintenance. But in general, granite is a really durable material. It’s a hard substance that is less likely to get scratches. Granite can also resist heat so it’s fine to install close to a range. Setting a hot pot or pan on granite won’t damage it either.

  1. It is easy to clean

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of any home and living in a time-starved society, we need to be able to clean this space without much fuss. This is where a granite worktop comes in handy: all you need is warm water and a dry cloth.

Granite can also resist stains, but that depends on whether it is properly sealed or not. This is why granite installation should only be done by professionals, and that’s what Seven Seas is here for.

  1. It is aesthetically pleasing

The worktop on your kitchen can easily be the star when it’s made with granite. The material is immediately appealing because of its naturally luminous look. Equally impressive is the range of colours and patterns that granite provides. Those who are interested in adding the material to their kitchen will be spoilt with choice.

Granite is beautiful and strong, and we here at Seven Seas have an astounding collection of the material. Although we work with marble and quartz stones, we are also a fabricator of granite serving the Essex and Suffolk areas. Come visit us to take a look at the range of granite samples in our yard and if you’re interested in having one installed, we would be delighted to work with you in addressing your needs.

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