Understanding The Granite Worktop Process

With plenty of DIY tips and video tutorials online, anyone can install a granite worktop. Or so, they think. The reality is that there’s a yawning gap between DIY and professional workmanship where granite installation is concerned. It may not be visible right away, but cracks are sure to show down the line.

This underscores the importance of hiring a professional installer to handle granite worktop installation. The skills and knowledge will come really handy to ensure an excellent job the first time. Experience will show how exceptional they can do their job.

Besides, the granite worktop process is not something to be trifled with, and there are several steps involved.

Step 1 – Design

Worktops not only differ with the choice of material used but also in design. Do you want a worktop with a sink? Do you need a backsplash with that sink? Do you want underside cabinets to go with it or not?

Apart from design consideration, you need to choose the right granite to complement or suit the style you have in mind as well. Not to mention, the colour scheme in your kitchen.

This is why working with professional installers, such as Seven Seas, will give you the shortcut that you need to get things done quickly and properly.

Step 2- Templating

This part of the process involves taking accurate measurements of every inch of your kitchen or bathroom before granite is cut and polished into shape. This leaves little room for errors, considering that cut granite is as good as sold. You don’t want to repeat the process at all if you want the work done quickly and within your budget. Professional installers have the tools to ensure accuracy is achieved right down to the smallest point, and they can perform templating manually or through the use of digital machines.

Step 3 – Fabrication

Your worktops may need drainers, sink holes and the like, all of which need to be crafted into the stone. This underlines the importance of templating, which can make or break the fabrication of granite according to specifications. This is the part where the stone is finished accordingly and the edges are filed using high-tech machinery to achieve the look and installation a customer wants.

Step 4 – Installation

Once the cut and polished granite arrive at your door, installation follows. This step is not just a matter of slapping everything on their designated places, but follows a thorough process to ensure that everything fits and there is no chance of a back job. Once the stone is installed, it will be hard to tear them off. This is why extra care should be taken.

Seven Seas has a team of professional installers who know granite like the back their hands. They will complete the job right the first time and ensure that your kitchen or bathroom worktops will look better than what you expected.

No worktop style or design is off limits for Seven Seas. No job too big. Where granite worktop is concerned, they will handle with care and accuracy.