Sample Room Essex

The Seven Seas sample room features an extensive range of natural stone materials to browse for residential and commercial spaces. After sourcing inventory from over 30 UK and global suppliers, we have gathered a premier selection all in one location.

We offer kitchen, bathroom and outdoor worktops in quartz, marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, and other natural stones. Our wide variety of stones comes in diverse colours, patterns, finishes, and textures to suit traditional, transitional, or contemporary designs.

Here you can discuss your project with our staff Susan, Alex and Sue. We can offer guidance on technical considerations, answer questions about durability and maintenance needs, and provide recommendations based on your intended use, lifestyle factors, lighting, and budget.

Stone looks different in different settings, which is why we encourage you to take some of our samples home. It’s easier to decide when you can view each sample in your space, under your lighting, next to your furniture. It’s a no-pressure way to make sure your choice will work in your home.

Additionally, we showcase full installations like kitchen worktops with installed sinks, splashback, and special cutouts. This allows you to envision our stones applied to real-life spaces.

We invite you to visit our Sample Room and explore the extensive selection. Our team is here to answer questions and provide guidance to help you discover the perfect materials for your space. Whether planning a kitchen remodel, bath update, or an entirely new build, we can simplify your search for beautiful, durable stone surfaces.

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