Marble Worktops Essex

What is it?

Marble is a metamorphic rock created by the transformation of existing magmatic or sedimentary rock under high pressure. Marble is characterised by its veined appearance. Every country has different marbles which are quarried in blocks and cut into slabs. Like granite, it takes millions of years for nature to give each slab its unique texture and color. The face of the slab is then polished with diamond pads that produces a high polish.


Marmol is made from 95% marble and 5% polyester resin. This man-made marble is versatile and specifically made for interior use. It has the added bonus of being less expensive and therefore more affordable than natural marble. It is available in 5 different finishes; polished, matt, ovo, silken & bush-hammered.

Love & Care

In general, Marble is a soft stone that can be easily damaged or stained. Make sure to blot stains with a soft cloth as soon as they occur. Use trivets or mats under any hard object to prevent scratching. Products containing alcohol or citrus extracts can seriously damage marble surfaces. Use warm water and a soft cloth or sponge.