Granite Worktops Essex

What is it?

Granite is an igneous rock produced by volcanic activity millions of years ago. Easy to maintain and completely recyclable, granite can be found in each of the seven continents: from the Blue Pearl of Norway, to the African Red of South Africa, from the sultry Ubatuba of Brazil to the mysterious Kashmir White of India. It takes millions of years for nature to give each slab its unique texture and colour. The face of the slab is then polished with diamond pads that produces such a high polish than cannot be replicated in other materials.

The Facts

As a natural material, natural flaws such as surface vents and pits are prevalent. These do not affect the ongoing performance of your granite and are indeed characteristic of an igneous rock. As each slab is different in colour and pattern, samples can only be taken as a representation of what you have chosen. We always encourage our customers to view their granite before we cut.

Love & Care

As for all work surfaces, we recommend the use of chopping boards and trivets for hot pans. Granite is porous, but not difficult to maintain. If daily spills are wiped up with warm water and dried with a dry cloth, there should not be any staining. We seal all our granite worktops before fitting.