Marble vs Granite Worktops: Which is Better for Busy Kitchens?

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When remodelling or building a new kitchen, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right worktop. The worktop is the centrepiece of any kitchen, enduring daily use while making an aesthetic statement. Two of the most popular premium options — marble and granite — both have unique advantages but also some limitations to consider, especially for busy kitchens.

Marble Worktops: Timeless Elegance

Prized since ancient times, marble lends an air of luxury with its veining and soft white tones. No two slabs have the exact same patterning, ensuring your kitchen has a uniquely elegant worktop guaranteed to impress guests. Marble also stays cool to the touch, useful when handling hot items from the oven. However, marble requires diligent care as it scratches and stains more easily than granite. The frequent sealing needed can become tedious despite marble’s undeniable aesthetic rewards.


  • Aesthetically gorgeous with elegant veining
  • Stays cool to the touch
  • Each slab has a unique pattern


  • More prone to scratching and staining
  • Requires frequent sealing
  • Extra diligent care needed

Granite Worktops: Rugged Durability

For kitchens that see lots of daily use, granite is the clear worktop of choice. Nearly impervious to heat, scratches, and stains, granite stands up to the demands of a busy kitchen. A quick daily wipe-down is all that’s needed to keep it looking pristine for decades with practically zero maintenance required. Granite comes in a diverse range of colours from dramatic blacks and burgundies to more neutral greys and tans. The only downside is that lighter granite requires more frequent sealing. Still, for a combination of resilience and style, granite can’t be beaten.


  • Virtually impervious to heat, scratches, and stains
  • Stands up to heavy daily use
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Available in a diverse range of colors


  • Lighter granites need more frequent sealing
  • Can show seams in larger installations
  • The surface feels cold to the touch

The Choice Is Yours

Marble or granite? Elegance or durability? Only you know your family’s cooking habits and design taste well enough to decide between them. Whichever premium worktop you select, at Seven Seas we can fabricate and install it affordably with minimal disruption to your household routine. Then it’s back to chopping, baking, and creating family memories around a stunning marble or granite worktop made to handle everyday life. Contact Seven Seas today to further discuss your options. The kitchen of your dreams awaits!

FAQs About Marble and Granite Worktops

What’s the typical price difference between marble and granite?

While prices can vary dramatically, in general you can expect to pay slightly more for marble than granite due to supply limitations and high demand for rarer marble varieties. However, some premium granites can also be more costly than average marble slabs. Always compare multiple quotes.

Can I safely use everyday cleaners on these worktops?

Unfortunately not. Both marble and granite surfaces are vulnerable to damage from acidic or abrasive cleaners which can etch or dull the finish. Use only specialised stone cleaners and sealers for these premium materials.

What kind of maintenance schedule should I expect?

Marble is high maintenance, requiring resealing every 6 months to a year to avoid staining and etching from daily wear. Granite is far less demanding, typically only needing new sealant every 3 years or so except for lighter-hued slabs which require more frequent sealing.

Do eco-friendly options exist?

Yes! Responsibly sourced marble and granite from quarries utilising safer, sustainable practices are increasingly available. Be sure to inquire with suppliers about their materials’ backstories.

Should I try installing these heavy worktops myself?

Installation is best left to worktop fabricators and kitchen fitting crews experienced in safely manoeuvring and seamlessly joining stone slabs. The process requires considerable precision for a flawless finished product able to endure decades of use.