The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas in the home. This is particularly true today when it has evolved from being a functional space to a more social one. That being said, some kitchens can feel a bit cramped. How can this be remedied?

Here are tips on giving the illusion of a bigger kitchen space:

Choose lighter-coloured units

Units that come in light colours are better able to reflect light thus giving the impression of a much larger room. Opting for high-gloss units will also achieve the same effect.

You can also consider going for units that have no handles. Why should this matter? A room with handle-less units look much more streamlined thus making a space appear less cluttered. As a result, the room would look so much bigger than it actually is.

Go for worktops with rounded edges

More traditional worktops and units come in a square-cut finish. This isn’t ideal in a kitchen that is starved for space as it makes it look claustrophobic. Rounded-edge kitchen worktops Essex can maximise the available space thus making a room feel larger than it really is.

The kind of material you use for your worktops also matter. It’s best to choose a material that has a colour scheme similar to the other units in your kitchen. Doing this creates an illusion of space.

Worktops with rounded edges are also much safer in households that have children. The blunt edges are not that much of a hazard should young ones bump into them.

Opt for integrated appliances

Blending creates a sense of space and that’s one of the benefits that integrated appliances bring. Free-standing appliances might be easier to replace as you don’t have to be really specific with the size. However, integrated units will occupy less space because they are hidden behind elements that have the same theme as the entire kitchen. This kind of arrangement tricks the brain into believing there is more space.

Install mirrors

It doesn’t matter where you add mirrors, be it the hallway or the bathroom: it always makes a space feel much bigger than it really is. Mirrors and natural light are good friends as it can spread it around the room. And the brighter the room, the larger it seems. For maximum effect, it’s best to place a mirror in an area where it faces a natural light source. If that’s not possible, try putting in opposite a door leading to the kitchen.

Get rid of things you don’t need

Sometimes, the best option is just to let go of kitchen items you no longer use or haven’t used in long time. The more items in your cooking area, the more cluttered it looks thus making it look so small. Make sure there are as few items on work surfaces to give the impression of it being longer.

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