Granite and Natural Stone Experts in West Mersea

Seven Seas is the number one choice for kitchen worktops West Mersea way. We have 16 years of experience in the industry and an exceptional reputation to back our service up. We have a huge selection of materials and designs for you to choose from, as we recognize the importance of having the kitchen of your dreams. You don’t want to compromise on your wants when it comes to your home, and why should you? With our bespoke service you can be confident of worktops that are ideal for your taste, the style of your kitchen, and your budget.

Tips on choosing worktops:

1. Establish a budget first – You should always begin by determining how much money you have available to spend on your kitchen worktops. With so many materials on offer, there is something to suit all budgets, and by establishing a price range it will make it easier to find the perfect worktops.

2. Consider your wants – Are you looking for a modern kitchen? Do you want something with more of a classic or traditional design? What colours are you looking for?

3. Select a material – The final thing you need to do is determine the right material for you. You will want something that is stylish and easy to look after. We will talk you through some of the materials we have available below.


Quartzstone – Our quartzstone worktops West Mersea based are made from 95 per cent of crushed quartz and a resin. These worktops are popular because the material is non-porous, which means that it is low maintenance. Quartzstone also boasts a modern appearance and is available in many different styles and patterns.

Granite – We have also installed many granite worktops West Mersea wide. This material is timeless in its appearance and it takes wear and tear very well, so you can be sure of worktops that are going to last for years and years to come.

Marble – We are getting more requests for marble worktops in West Mersea, as it is an extremely glamorous and elegant material. You do need to be mindful that it stains relatively easy, and thus a lot of care is required.