Made To Measure – Granite Worktops in Beccles

Having been established in 2000, Seven Seas has the experience and the reputation you are looking for when seeking kitchen worktops Beccles way. Over the years, we have installed many different worktops, made of a whole host of materials and boasting various colours and patterns.

No matter your needs, you can be confident that we can cater to them. This is because we offer a bespoke service, and we have designed a range that is filled with more than a thousand materials, colours, patterns, textures, and more. We can cater to awkwardly spaced kitchens and unique design ideas, all you need to do is give us a call and our expert team will help you every step of the way.

Why Choose Seven Seas:

This is what sets us apart from other companies; we are always willing to go that extra mile. Our team is experienced and highly skilled, and they will always be honest with you. We will consider your current kitchen, your tastes, and your budget, and provide you with our advice on the best option. We do have a huge assortment of materials available, and we will always explain the pitfalls and benefits of them all.

Take marble worktops Beccles wide for instance. The obvious benefit of these worktops is that they are absolutely stunning. Their elegant and lavish appearance cannot be matched by any other material. However, while they offer many practical and hardwearing qualities, they can stain easily. This is something you will need to keep in mind if going down this route.

In fact, our two most popular solutions are granite worktops in Beccles and quartzstone worktops Beccles way. In regards to the former, granite is very timeless in terms of appearance, and will match in with any type of kitchen. It is also highly durable, forgiving, and easy to look after.

What about quartzstone? This is a modern material that comes in many different designs and brands, and we have the best brands available, from Silestone to Compac. The best thing about quartzstone is that it is non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about lots of cleaning and maintenance!