How to choose the right floor plan

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Open vs. Closed Kitchen Floor Plan: How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right kitchen floor plan can do wonders for its functionality, especially where the work triangle is concerned. The best kitchen layout should suit the amount of space available, while providing you the workstation that you need to prepare meals, cook and entertain. But which one should you choose? A bigger concern would be how do you choose the right kitchen floor plan?

Types of kitchen layout

  1. One wall kitchen

This is the most compact among the kitchen layouts, and works best when you only have one wall to work with.

  1. Galley style kitchen

This is one of the most efficient kitchen floor layout. It has ample storage too, because it features two rows of cabinets built across each other.

  1. U-shaped kitchen

A classic kitchen floor layout, the U-shaped kitchen uses all three walls within a space.

  1. G shaped kitchen

This is a different take on the U-shaped kitchen and is great if you want plenty of worktop.

  1. L-shaped kitchen

This is one of the most popular layouts, and leaves room for more prep space with the addition of an island.

Apart from the kitchen layout, you also need to choose between open floor plan and closed kitchen plan. The former spares you from feeling isolated from the action in the living room, while the latter does the opposite. There are advantages and disadvantages to either option.

It is important to note that not all kitchen layouts work with an open floor plan or an open-concept space. So your choice of kitchen layout could dictate the floor plan you choose, and vice versa.

What to consider when choosing the right kitchen floor plan

Kitchen space

How much kitchen space can you work with? If your home has limited space, it is best to follow an open concept, without walls to obstruct the view from one area of your house to another. This not only creates a bright and airy interior, but also an illusion of space.

Kitchen location

Where is the kitchen going to be built? Your home’s floor plan, and the location of windows and door will dictate the kind of kitchen layout that you should choose. Galley style or one-wall kitchen are best suited for kitchens in tight areas, which also means an open floor plan may be out of the question. But if there’s room for an L-shaped, U-shaped or G-shaped kitchen, an open kitchen can be adopted.


Cooking can be messy. And there’s nothing elegant about dressing a chicken or trying to prepare dinner without accident or sweating hard. Would you rather keep these things hidden, or would you take it as a challenge to improve your cooking skills, so you won’t need to hide?

Your lifestyle

If you have children that needs supervision, an open floor plan allows you to keep an eye on them while you cook. If you love entertaining, an open kitchen allows for more foot traffic or for more chef to prepare the food. However, if you love to entertain, but prefer to surprise your guests, a closed kitchen layout could work according to your plan.

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