Hiring A Kitchen or Bathroom Specialist


If you want a kitchen or bathroom that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, you should hire a specialist. There’s no other way to achieve building and construction excellence than to have a professional handling every aspect of the project. Besides, there are plenty of advantages when you hire a specialist.

Perks of working with a kitchen or bathroom specialists

Avoid costly mistakes

You can afford to make mistakes with your choice of taps or shower heads, because it won’t cost you much to have them replaced. But it’s a different story when the floor tiles have to be removed, due to construction mistakes or incorrect plumbing.  It’s even worse when a fully completed bathroom or a kitchen island have to be demolished, so it can be rebuilt the right way. Just imagine the amount of time and money down the drain.

Get it right the first time

Armed with their skills and extensive knowledge, your kitchen or bathroom is guaranteed to be completed without any mistakes that need to be reworked. Specialists follow a comprehensive guide on how to complete a project, starting with client consultation and planning before any walls are broken down or any work is started. They also anticipate possible problems while work is underway, and have a contingency plan in place.

Bring your visions to life

What do you imagine your kitchen would look like? Yes, it has to be beautiful, elegant and fully equipped. But how can this be achieved given the space constraints, location, existing plumbing and the like? Don’t worry; a kitchen specialist will know how to work around these factors and ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Get the best money can buy

How much are you willing to spend on your kitchen or bathroom project? Whether you need to stretch your budget or not, you can be sure that specialists will find ways to work with it without compromising the quality of work and the materials to be used.

With these advantages shouldn’t think twice about hiring a specialist.

Choosing the right one may be a bit of a challenge, however. But one important factor is that you should be comfortable working with them, because they listen to you, understand your needs, and keep the lines of communication open.

Why Seven Seas Is the Kitchen and Bathroom Specialist to Hire

Seven Seas will work with you from start to finish, so you get exactly what you want, and they can deliver beyond your expectations. As fabricators of granite, quartz stones and marble, and a provider of complete fitting service, you are assured of high-quality materials and services. Seven Seas also offer an after-care service, so it’s not a case of leaving you without any support when the need arises.

Visit their factory yard to see their products with your own eyes, and for an opportunity to discuss with specialists the various stages of a kitchen or bathroom construction or remodelling project, from the planning and design stage right through to completion.

Take the opportunity to consult with Seven Seas specialist and know your best options.

We offer a bespoke service to all of our customers – no matter the budget! So drop us an email to info@sevenseasmarble.com or call us on 01376 573588. Our working hours are: Monday to Friday – 08:00 – 17:00. Saturday – 10:00 – 13:00 – We look forward to hearing from you!