Choosing Your Granite Worktops: Colours, Sizes, and Costs

River White Granite

Granite is extremely tough and completely unique — no two slabs are the same, so your kitchen is going to stand out. But this it’s not a project you want to rush. You’re probably going to live with it for a good 10 years or more so you want everything to look like they belong together.

If you’re unsure what colour to choose, how much granite you’ll need or how much will it all cost, here are some tips to get you started.

Matching the Granite with Your Kitchen

Have you seen a specific granite slab that you like? As tempting as it is to let that dictate your kitchen’s look, it’s not always the winning strategy.

A better approach is to look at what you already have in your kitchen. Your cabinets, floor, walls, and even your appliances – all play a part in this decision. Choosing your granite with these in mind means everything in your kitchen will be in harmony.

Light vs Dark Granite Worktops

Pretoria Black
Pretoria Black

Deciding if a light or dark granite worktop is right for your kitchen? Here’s a simple guide to help you choose:

Light or Dark Granite: What’s Best?

  • Light Granite: Makes small kitchens look bigger and brighter. Perfect if you want a light, airy feel.
  • Dark Granite: Adds a rich, stylish look to bigger kitchens. It makes a bold statement.

The natural and artificial light in your kitchen is important. Light granite can brighten the space up, especially if you don’t get a lot of sunlight. Dark granite in a small, dark room might make it feel more cramped.

You can also mix it up for balance. Think dark granite counters with light cabinets or vice versa. It can look really good!

But granite isn’t just black or white. There are many other options – from beige and gold to blue and red. Neutral colours like black, white, or grey go well with everything.

How to Choose Colours

  • Complementary Colours: For a calm look, pick colours that go well together, like brown granite with wood cabinets.
  • Contrasting Colours: For something more eye-catching, choose colours that stand out from each other, like blue counters with yellow cabinets.

Pick what you like and what works in your kitchen. Think about how big your kitchen is and how much light it gets. Remember, very bold colours might not be to everyone’s taste if you’re thinking of selling your house later on.

In the end, whether you go for light or dark granite, it’s about what feels right for your kitchen’s style and your own taste.

Finding the Right Granite Pattern


After deciding on the colour, you’ll also need to consider the pattern. Here are the two main styles – speckled and veined – to make your decision easier:

Speckled Granite

  • What It Looks Like: Imagine a sprinkle of glitter across your countertop. That’s the speckled look, with tiny dots of shiny minerals all over.
  • Why You Might Like It: It’s more on the subtle side but still adds some sparkle. Since it usually sticks to one main colour, it’s pretty easy to match with your kitchen vibe.

Veined Granite

  • What It Looks Like: Here, you get beautiful lines or swirls that can really make the stone stand out.
  • Why You Might Like It: If you’re going for something that’ll make your guests say “wow,” veined granite could be it. Especially with those contrasty colours – dark with light highlights – it’s a showstopper when paired with simple cabinet colours.

A Few Tips When You’re Deciding

  • Match It to Your Kitchen Style: Got a super modern kitchen? Speckled might fit right in. If your kitchen has more of a classic or dramatic feel, then veiny patterns could be amazing.
  • Easy to Keep Clean?: Just a heads up, veiny types might need a quick wipe more often since dust and spills can be more noticeable.
  • How’s Your Kitchen Size?: Big kitchen? Go bold with veins. Smaller space? Speckled patterns can make it feel a bit larger.
  • See the Whole Slab: Really important – try to look at a whole slab instead of just a sample. Those veiny types can vary a lot, and you’ll want to see the whole picture before you choose.

Maintenance and Costs

Our granite worktops come sealed to prevent stains, making upkeep simple. A daily wipe with warm water and a soft cloth, along with quick attention to spills, especially acidic ones, keeps the granite looking new. For a deeper clean, a granite-specific cleaner is recommended.

Keeping your budget in mind is crucial when selecting granite. If a preferred option is outside your budget, consider using it for a standout feature like a kitchen island, and choose more affordable materials for the rest.

Get a Personalised Quote

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