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Summer Kitchen Trends

With summer here, many of us yearn for a quick kitchen makeover that gives it a breezier, refreshing vibe with summery charm. There are trends that fade away and reappear once in a while. Then there are those that last beyond a season or two and last for a generation. There are plenty of ways […]

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Keeping Your Worktops Clean

Your kitchen is the heart of your house. It requires daily maintenance and gentle care, and your kitchen worktop, being the main area of use, needs a bit more when it comes to cleaning. You can preserve the initial state of your work-space by giving it a daily wipe with a damp cloth. Still, there […]

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Design Tips For Your Kitchen

Today’s kitchens are often the heart of the home. When you’re planning a kitchen, of course it’s important to get the flow of the space, and the position of appliances and work surfaces just right, and to make sure that everything is in the most convenient location for how you want to use the kitchen. […]

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